Select verse from an upcoming book of poetry by Ted Onulak.



As the black bag slips

Over the heads of

Protesting clouds

I embrace the coming Night


Its easy empire of abandoned care

Leads through dark alleys

Pleasures unimagined

Safe shadows to pursue them

I hold on to the unwinding thread

Of its proffered velvet robes

And dance to the dangerous music;

Unchained Romeo

The streets awaken

Big electric cat

Licking its lips;

Over the passing feast


Dress in black

Wear the night

Just one more of its mysteries

Miles from the reach

Of the prying moon

I rush with purpose

Through this noisy sin parade

Take my rightful place

With My fellow creatures of the Night;

Nodding to them in bleary recognition

Unbelievable long drinks

Jazz and Jack

I sway in darkness

With saxophone libido;

Cursing the light


By this sacred hour

Weak ones have all faded

The evening ballad breaks

True Night throws its aces

Into its yawning black top hat

Culling them from the pack;

Practiced conjuror’s ease


Only me and Night wind

Seem to be anywhere at all

Its dark molasses voice;

Entices like opium candy


Now, the mad birds wake

Perched on gargoyles—singing

Begin a cautious threnody

To the dear departed Night


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© 2012 Ted Onulak