Select verse from an upcoming book of poetry by Ted Onulak.
Large rock in desert


The Spark of Possibility

I continue to fight

Though I seldom win

Or even remember why I do

But the battle cry in my burning lungs

Lets me know I am still alive

I work my poor patch of rock and shale

In a neglected corner of my mind

Tending some gnarled phantom vines

To press a wine of dreams

That may somehow fortify my resolve

Or at least bring some life to the party

I have cast aside cheap amulets

Of gaudy half truths

As best I could

And have looked for signs within myself

For the slightest chance

That may yet lead

To the source of all waters

After singing all other’s songs

I discovered that music is born of silence

And seeks to escape with every breath

I need only be a rock in this river

And I will be washed smooth and clean

But until that day

I crawl

Upon the parched earth

With my nose to the ground

Through blinding poisonous vapors of doubt

To breathe the sweet honest air

So coldly trampled underfoot

Dimly searching

For any faint light

From the spark of possibility

Night >
© 2012 Ted Onulak